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Pride Disability Services Pty Ltd continues to operate under strict new Policies and Procedures


- We are monitoring the situation daily and making sure the business is fully prepared to react to any confirmed cases in our office or in the community to which we work in.

- We are ensuring you be armed with all the support you need to provide a safe working environment, whilst working with local authorities and following local guidance.

- We will regularly sanitise high-frequency touch points like doors, door handles, common areas, meeting rooms, shelves, glass panels, kitchen cupboards and furniture to minimise risk.

Mission Statement

Pride Vic is a community based organisation embracing gender diversity and equality for people with disabilities from all communities, breaking down social and isolation barriers, regardless of sexual orientation.

Our vision:

To deliver more flexible, innovative and specialized support services to people with disabilities.

Our Philosophy

We believe that individuals with disabilities have the same rights, entitlements and protections as all human beings.

Our focus:

Pride Vic has a focus in creating more fulfilling lifestyle choices from within our services by providing Person Centred Approaches and Person Centred Planning that promotes wellbeing for people with disabilities, mental health and the aged, allowing individuals to feel empowered, being who they wish to be on a daily basis.

Our Guiding Principles:

·     Equality and Diversity

·     Gender and Sexual orientation

·     Sex and safe sex practices

·     Advocacy

·     Relationships


Our Target Market:


Individuals with Physical, Neurological and Intellectual disabilities, Deaf Blind, mental Health and the aged.

Registration and catchment areas:

Pride Vic are a registered Disability Service Provider under the NDIS Commission we provide flexibility in the delivery of supports and services to individuals with disabilities from all communities. The catchment areas of service delivery include;

·         Melbourne

·         Greater Melbourne

·         Barwon

Pride Vic NDIS registered groups

1.    Personal Activities High

2.    Development – Life Skills

3.    Assist Professional Activities

4.    Assist – Life Stage, Transition

5.    Innovative Community Participation

6.    Participate Community

7.    Group / Centre Activities

8.    Support Coordination

9.    Complex Support Coordination


About Us:

In adherence to our social enterprise philosophy, Pride Vic is a community-based Company run by members of the community for members of the community.


What we do:

Pride Vic run a number of highly effective social and individual support programs in the areas of outreach, social, in-home support and support coordination where the focus is not solely placed upon a person’s physical and/or mental health or age but works toward the acceptance of an individual’s right to be involved within a community. 

Working in line with the sectors current and future movement toward holistic and diversified approaches to an individual’s needs, Pride Vic collaborates with the NDIS, Local Area Coordinators and other NGO’s to create ongoing networks to the individual and within an individual’s support structure that promote social inclusion and acceptance.  Providing ample opportunities for participants for reflective experiences so that it does not create inherent expectations that participants are required to participate in set activities and to provide opportunities for participant empowerment, personal growth and enjoyment.

Pride Vic works with individuals who have Physical, Neurological and intellectual disabilities, mental health disabilities, and the aged from the heterosexual, LGBTIQ+, gender diverse, CALD, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities who are at risk of social isolation, segregation, sexuality transmitted diseases, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness and suicidal idolization and homelessness.

We encourage individuals to express their interests and ideas, free from feeling embarrassed, misunderstood or unheard.  We wish to create a welcoming social escape for individuals either in-home, or out in a social setting, providing the participant with the choices of where to go, how to live and what they’d like to accomplish, encouraging them to follow their dreams, goals and aspirations, and to provide an open-minded attitude towards individual interests, in turn allowing individuals to be part of the decision-making process regarding supports, services and community groups they would like to be a part of.

Our Point of difference

Providing tailored supports to everyone’s needs, connecting them back the community to which people feel safe in, including the LGBTIQ+, gender diverse, CALD, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and acknowledging individuals’ rights and freedom to be whomever they wish to be.


 Pride Vic aims to provide key supports to individuals in the areas of;


·    Recreation and Leisure

·    Community Awareness

·    Inclusiveness

·    Sexual Orientation

·    Gender Diversity

·    Meeting individual support needs

·    In Home Support

·    Rights and Advocacy

·    Social isolation

·    Segregation

·    Sexually transmitted diseases and regular sexual health checks

·    Safe sex

·    Drug and Alcohol addiction

·    Suicide idolization

·    Risk of homelessness

·    Being able to access the sex industry

·    Choice and control

·    Independent Living



Pride Vic promotes awareness of the LGBTIQA+ and gender diverse communities right for the same entitlements and protections as all human beings.

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